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Douglas P. Murphy is a singer/songwriter out of Brooklyn, New York. Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, he plays guitar, bass, drums, mandolin, ukulele, piano and more.

Doug's songs and styles vary from haunting acoustic soundscapes to smokin' rock-n-roll to doublewide-trailer-alt country rockers, all featuring his unique style and melodic sensibility. He co-founded the seminal psychedelic rock band Tree, and has toured nationally with rock bands such as The Grapes and The Rusty Johnson Band.

Doug has played shows opening for such acts as Elvis Costello, Bryan Ferry, October Project and the Allman Brothers in festival settings and on national tours. He is very well regarded as a polished professional in all settings.

A co-founder of 15th Street (formerly known as Lunar Tourists), Doug features as the band’s lead guitarist, songwriter, and vocalist.

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