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Born and raised in New York, Michael Hiller worked his way through college and graduate school as a guitarist and vocalist in Maryland, Virginia, and in Washington, DC, where he was featured for three years as an artist-in-residence at Quigley’s as part of the acoustic rock duo, Hiller and Loughney.

Michael has also appeared at The Bitter End, Red Lion, The Delancey, and countless other venues in New York City. Before his work as a recording artist, Michael was a member of the Mountebanks Theatre Company for four years, and appeared in an off Broadway production of The Full Monty.

As a songwriter, Michael’s influences include John Mellencamp, Bruce Springsteen, James Taylor, and Melissa Ethelridge.

A co-founder of 15th Street (formerly known as Lunar Tourists), Michael serves as the rhythm guitarist, vocalist, songwriter and vocal arranger for the band’s original tunes.

Apart from his music, Michael is a citizen activist, advocating in support of de-criminalization of cannabis (marijuana), and against widespread over-development, gentrification, and the growth of mega-towers throughout New York City. For his advocacy work, Michael has received the “4(20) Advocate of the Year Award” (2018) and the “Grassroots Preservation Award” (2017).

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