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15th Street brings exciting original music

to fans and broader audiences

Formerly known as Lunar Tourists, 15TH STREET is a six-piece Americana rock band performing sets of powerful original songs for venues large and small.  People want to hear good music.  15TH STREET delivers both memorable originals and exciting renditions of cover tunes.


15TH STREET’s members – all connected to Brooklyn, New York -- include seasoned musicians, performers and songwriters.  The band co-founders are Michael Hiller (guitar/vocals) and Douglas P. Murphy (guitar/vocals).  Pre- and intra-pandemic, they were joined by Kevin Roy (bass/vocals) and Warren Shaw (drums).  Then, in 2023, Chris "Oledude" Owens (keyboards/vocals/recorder), and Kristen Meade (vocals/percussion) joined the band, helping to round out a rich and compelling sound.  Combined, the members have more than 160 years of musical experience, playing everything from pop, rock, funk, and blues to jazz and avant-garde music, with performances at venues such as The Bitter End, The Red Lion, Damrosch Park (Lincoln Center), Town Hall, MCU Park, The Stone Pony (Asbury Park), the West Side County Fair (NYC) and the Bardavon Opera House (Poughkeepsie), amongst others.


15TH STREET is proud to present crowd-pleasing, uptempo original songs such as “Our Medicine”, “Every Day”, and “My Oh My”, along with moving ballads such as “Maybe I Won’t Run”, “Daddy”, and “Right Here”.  At this time, the band is preparing its next set of recordings for release in early 2024.  (Please note that the Lunar Tourists band did release the album Our Medicine, which is currently available on iTunes, Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify and Amazon.)

Contact us for gigs or more information:       text: 646-229-8230

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